Does A Business Coach Need To Know All About What You Do To Be Effective

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Gary Fitzmartin

Does A Business Coach Need To Know All About What You Do To Be Effective

If you want better results you need to learn to ask better questions.  Here is an example of why questions are so important.

While I have always been a decent athlete I never really enjoyed nor was particularly good at baseball.  When I was approached to coach a fine baseball player my initial reaction was to decline. Persistence by the player finally caused me to agree.

Since I was not a great player of his game, I was in no position to tell him what to do or how to improve a specific skill. Instead, when he wanted to improve his batting I began to spend time with him and to ask him questions. “How did he know when to swing?”, “When did he actually see the ball?”, etc.

These questions forced him to think about elements of what he was doing that he had never consciously thought about or attempted to articulate or to explain to someone else or to himself. He began to focus on the entire process of the pitch and began to be able to better anticipate what a pitcher was going to throw. My questions helped him better understand a process about which I really knew nothing!

Do You Want Better Business Results?

As a Business Coach, I am able to draw on experience as a teacher, a salesperson, sales manager, general manager, vice president, CEO and business owner.  This experience helps me anticipate where a real problem may lie and guide the conversation in the right direction by asking the right questions.

When you, as a business owner, learn how to frame better questions you will experience the satisfaction of uncovering the information you really need to make the best possible decisions.

Regardless of what you do, better decisions will come from asking better questions and will result in a more successful business and a better quality of life.

Gary Fitzmartin, RCC