Large Corporation Resources / Support for Small Business Owners

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Gary Fitzmartin

Large Corporation Resources / Support for Small Business Owners

It is easy to understand non-participation in peer advisory groups by CEO’s of larger companies because they have a management team.

Their teams are often made up of individuals that the CEO feels they trust and with whom they can effectively communicate. In the very best of circumstance, the team members have been given permission to “challenge” each other and the CEO; when a proposal or idea is perceived to be less that optimal. Access to a team of this nature often leads the CEOs to believe that they have no need for an outside peer group.

Small business CEO’s typically lack access to such a team and can benefit greatly from finding and participating in a peer group.

In smaller businesses the CEO, owner or chief decision maker may not have the financial resources to afford such a team and very often wear many different “hats”.   It is this situation that often causes small business leaders to feel that it is “lonely at the top”.

Peer Group Solution For Small Business Owners

It is the lack of opportunity for the chief decision makers of the smaller companies to have access to peer groups designed to meet their needs that led to the founding of Business Roundtables in the Cleveland and Akron Ohio area.

Our small business peer groups are specifically tailored for the smaller (under $5-million), rapidly growing businesses; with a programs schedule and fee structure for membership and one-to-one coaching that is affordable.

The bottom line is that the CEOs of virtually every business can benefit from participation in a peer group where the safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment permits the members to identify solutions to the issues that are most critical to their business success and personal growth and then be held accountable for implementing the actions that they have determined they need and want.

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