Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Themselves!

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Gary Fitzmartin

Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Themselves!

You may think you are doing just fine as a small business owner and entrepreneur. You started your small business and have grown it to a respectable size. You have a handle on the market, and the next few years look like smooth sailing.

So why should you even look for someone to help?

  • What if? What     if something changes tomorrow? Are you prepared? Sometimes we get so busy     that we can’t see beyond today. A business coach can help you     anticipate change, and evaluate options you may have never considered, so     you will have a plan in place.

  • Can you do     better? Is your company really the best it can be? You     might think so, however an unbiased outside observer might be able to help     you see something you don’t that could help you reach the next plateau.
  • Are you     working too hard? It is certainly good to     be willing to put in the time needed to build your business, but you have     to work smart and not just hard. A coach can help you see where you are     spinning your wheels and show you better ways of getting the job done;     with some time left over for you.
  • What don’t     you know? Business owners and entrepreneurs know a lot,     however we also do not know what we don’t know. A business coach can help     make sure you use your strong points to maximum effect and can help you     understand the things you don’t know that you don’t know; so they don’t     harm your business.

Who don’t you know? It’s not just what you know; it is also who you know. There are many people you need to know to get your business growing — bankers, attorneys, possible employees or independent contractors, vendors, and prospective customers. A coach can help facilitate introductions to other respected professionals who can provide services or offer insights you can use.