The Difference Between a Business Coach & a Business Consultant

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Gary Fitzmartin

The Difference Between a Business Coach & a Business Consultant

A business consultant is hired to provide the answer to a specific question or issue.

The consultant usually has extensive knowledge and experience in the specific industry and has probably dealt with the exact or a very similar issue.

The exception to this definition is when the issue is one of the processes where the consultant can be more of a “generalist” because the systems and processes that work well in one environment may often function well when applied to a different business with similar products or production challenges.

The bottom line is that a Business Consultant is paid to provide a specific answer to a specific problem.

Coaching is a very different process and requires a substantively different approach and skill set.

The best “Coaches” are those that ask the best questions! 

For Business Coaches, it also helps if the coach has an extensive background in all aspects of business (sales, marketing, finance, production, manufacturing, logistics, etc.).

The broader the background the better the understanding of what questions need to be asked.

If you are thinking about hiring a coach or consultant, start out by thinking through all of the questions that you need to be asking to insure that you select the very best individual to help you and your business move forward.

Gary Fitzmartin, RCC