Why Choose a Business Coach Instead of a Consultant?

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Gary Fitzmartin

Why Choose a Business Coach Instead of a Consultant?

If you are a business owner you likely have dreams, goals, and a vision for your business. However just because you know what you want doesn’t mean you know how to achieve it. That’s why smart business owners choose to bring in help.  If you’re thinking about reaching out for guidance, it is critical to understand the difference between a coach and a consultant.

             The major difference is the focus on client driven solutions versus consultant supplied answers.   A consultant will tell you how to solve a specific problem; based on their experience.  A coach works with you to help you understand how to solve the problems. The coaching approach will help you learn how to control situations and learn skills that will help with current and future challenges; whenever they may be encountered.

            A good coach will help their client become more effective and be more productive in everything they do. Hiring a consultant might offer you a quick solution to a problem but does nothing to enhance your ability to deal with future issues. With a coach, you will be empowered to think creatively and develop solutions on your own. 

            Engaging a business coach is a commitment that you make because you understand that for long term, sustainable success you must grow and develop your skill as your business grows. 

If you need to solve a problem quickly, a consultant may be the best solution.  However,  if you want to grow as a business owner and you want to grow individuals within your company, a skilled coach is the resource that will best serve your needs and help you achieve your goals. 

Gary Fitzmartin, RCC