Providing a unique perspective

Business Roundtable groups provide a unique perspective to our members and helps them grow their businesses.

What We Do

We help business owners leverage the experiences and knowledge gained by fellow members during more than 100 years leading and managing businesses.

Experience A Unique Perspective

Roundtable members benefit from the observations made by a group of fellow business owners from different industries in the carefully structured and facilitated monthly meetings. They also enjoy the unique perspective of feedback from a registered corporate coach, during monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

Leverage Group Feedback

Each month members bring their most pressing issue to the Roundtable group. Their fellow business owners insure that the proposed issue is the real problem and then the group offers potential solutions from which a course of action is determined and committed to by the member.

Learn In An Open Environment

The open, non-judgmental environment helps members develop powerful solutions to their issues. Members also learn from the issues brought by their peers and are able to anticipate and avoid potential future challenges that otherwise would cost both time and money.

Be Held Accountable

Each month every member participates in an Accountability Check, sharing the progress they have made implementing whatever action or activities they committed to the previous month and the group provides feedback on the progress made.

Our Structure

Roundtable members process their most challenging issues during monthly meetings with 8-12 peers, leverage insights gained during monthly 1-2-1 coaching and benefit from being held accountable for following through on commitments made.